The Exfoliative Chelitis Facebook Group is a secret group. This means it will not show up on your profile information page.

Member count 2010, december: 51 
Member count 2012, mars: 89
Member count 2013, may: 173
Member count 2014, september: 235

There is room for more - so come on people, join! :)

How to join?

Do BOTH of these two step:

1. Send a friend request to my Facebook Profile. Due to Facebooks group settings I need to have you on my friend list to be able to add you.

2. Send a message to me on Facebook and tell my that you would like to join the group. I need to know that you are not just a random person sending me a request before I add you. 

That's it! 

It usually takes a couple of hours-days before I add you (I don't check my Facebook every day), but hang in there!

Purpose of the Group

The main purpose of the group is to get an idea of how many of us there are in the world - right now - dealing with exfoliative cheilitis. 

It is also easier to send messages and to share information and support.