Thursday, July 23, 2009

No Lip Balm Experiment - Day 23

Quick post. 23 days ago I stopped using my lip balm and stopped to manually help the peeling on my lower lip. Today it looked like this. As you can see the right side (actually it's my left side my photo capture app is flipping it around, I'll fix this in future posts) is very crusty looking (there is at least two layers of skin here on top of each other), but they are quite loose and are beginning to detach (from the bottom up). Yesterday a big crust feel off from the left side (the right side) of my lower lip fell of (without any help from me). There was new skin underneath, a little red, but not raw. Does not hurt at all. We'll see how this will unfold.

Another thing, I've never seen a face pic of someone with exfoliative cheilitis (there are not so many pictures out there to start with), just close-ups of lips. Guess I'll be the first one to come out of the closet ;)

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