Sunday, August 30, 2009

No Lip Balm Experiment - Day 61

Lip Status
Today my lips does not look as good as in the post two days ago, like expected. But considering I have not used any kind of moisturizer for 61 days (I can't believe it's been that long), they don't look too bad either. It's really the vermillion border that is most screwed up; the crusts grow thicker and hard there and is more yellowish in color. Further down the skin is much more thinner and almost a transparent white.

Experiment Status
It's hard to tell if the experiment is a positive thing or not for my lip. I don't seem to get so big crusts anymore (as in the beginning) but that could be to the fact that I'm trimming a little bit almost everyday. The lips are surprisingly elastic. I don't think they will turn any more worse than this at least. I'm still hesitant to begin to use a lip balm again; a part of me want to go back to lip balm which would hopefully restore my lips even more, another part of me isn't so sure. I keep thinking "I've already done 61 days, the lips are not getting worse, for the moment I can manage the stress, what if the peeling would slow down even more..." I have to take this one day at a time. Maybe I go back tomorrow, maybe I won't.

Uploading clips of my lips still feels weird - even after 61 days.

Setup Status
I'm not noticing any result from the borage oil (I've been on it for about a month) so I will stop taken that for now.

Community Status
Another swede contacted me today on Facebook. Now we're three guys and one gal - great! Still no members in the Facebook club though, which does not surprise me. People have been telling me they are not ready to join, they're busy dealing with the stress of their peeling lips. But if people decided to join it would be an easy way to see how many fellow EC'ers we are in the world right now.

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