Tuesday, August 25, 2009

No Lip Balm Experiment - Day 56

Today my lips look okay, a little chapped. It's in the beginning of a new peeling cycle and I have trimmed some of the excess skin. The tool I use for this is a small scissor (as seen in the picture), although it's a bit too big for the delicate precision work that trimming lips is. It is difficult to trim small part of a crust without ripping the whole thing away. I need something more sharp and precise. Anyone got any tips?

It's interestingly easy to get used to such a surreal activity as lip trimming. In the morning I'm like "go to bathroom, brush my teeth, trim my lips ho hum..." I find it quite amusing that I trim my lips more often than my facial hair. :)

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  1. Hey there, I completely feel your pain on this one. I have had exfoliative cheilitis for about a year now. It's something that I have kept hidden because it is such an odd thing to have. The only time that I have noticed any improvement was in the summer and I did not wear lip balm. Good news is that I have found something that works much better than scissors. I use nail clippers to keep it from getting too out of hand. I hope that this helps you out. Also, thank you for being such a brave an awesome person by sharing your experience with this unusual condition! I am sure that this will help many people. - Sarah