Wednesday, August 19, 2009

No Lip Balm Experiment - Day 50

Day 50. Wow. The 2-3 layers of skin on my right side is merging into one thicker crust, I'll see if I can trim that tomorrow. The left side is slowly turning whiter but still looks pretty alright.

I've been telling more friends about my condition, visiting some of them for the first time with my lips in this state. In some ways it feels a lot like coming out as gay: the initial nervousness, the feeling of letting go and showing the real you without knowing how they will react, the explaining part, and the final feeling of freedom and being accepted for who you are.

I've realized that the more open I am about this, the easier it is to handle.

This was not the approach I took to the first time around 2003; then I basically did not tell any of my friends and became a depressed lonely, nervous homebody as a result. It may feel weird, unnecessary or even scary to tell people about this, but in the end it will make you feel so much better and take away a lot of stress. Again: people don't care.

On saturday I will attend my cousins wedding. I phoned him today to chat and tell him about my condition (sooner rather then later). Minutes later his fiancée called me to get a more detailed description about it. I think neither or them really understood what I was trying to explain before they saw my blog (Hi Jonas and Jenny, see you saturday :)

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