Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back to Lip Balm - Day 10

This is 48 hours after the second big peel of my lower lip since I started moisturizing again. I'm guessing this will probably be one of the better stages in this peel cycle; a pink layer of skin has grown back, and the skin near the vermillion border has just started to peel a little bit. The vermillion border is a deep red tone which indicates inflammation, but the swelling has gone done.

Yesterday I bought some cold processed aloe vera gel called "aloe 99" and applied it to my lips. It was very much a spur in the moment thing. My plan was to use the same bees wax lip balm (called "Munkens Bisalva") I used during the years my lip looked good, but I decided I will try this aloe vera gel for a couple of days just to see what happens. Since it's a gel it is absorbed into the lips rather quick, and it is also quite soothing due to it's cold(ish) temperature. If I don't notice any changes in a couple of days I will start using my standard lip balm again.

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