Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Currently on hiatus

Hi friends
As you might have guessed, this blog is currently on hiatus; I have a new job that is taking most of my time and energy. This means fewer updates (not that I do that very often ;), and it will take longer for me to respond to the mails, comments and Facebook request. But I am still here, and I appreciate every single word you send me.

Peace of mind to you all.

PS. My lip status is pretty much the same as in the last post; the skin on my lower lips peels in thin flakes.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you're on hiatus. Your blog has been a real asset to me, and I'll still visit frequently to check for your updates, but at the same time, you don't owe me or anyone else anything.

    Best of luck on your new job.

  2. Hi Alex, I appreciate your comment. The meaning of this post was to let you guys know I am still here, and explain why the blog has been a bit silent lately. I will still blog a little now and then, especially if I notice any big changes in my EC status.

  3. try this:


    post results.


  4. Cheers Chris, sorry for the delay uploading your link. Good job and thanks for sharing!

  5. thanks for sharing...god bless everyone

  6. I had this from age 23 to 41.

    Now I don't. This is what I did. I did all this at once.
    1) quit drinking any alcohol (not even in cooking)
    2) Eat lots of fruit & veges with every meal (breakfast only strawberries and apples)
    3) Lots of apples any time I want I snack
    4) No white at night - no bread, pasta, rice or potatoes
    5) In fact I now basically do not eat potatoes or pasta, I have a sandwich (healthier brown one) for lunch.
    6) Bicycle every 2nd morning from 5:00am for 1.5 hours at a slightly faster than leisurely pace.
    7) Did not tear the skin on my lip but let it dry then cut with nailclippers.
    8) Applied Blistex Soothe & Smooth SPF30+ lip moisturiser (Australia) maybe 4 times a day. Even slight inside of lip - that is where the problem really was.

    Problem has been gone now for 2 months. Whew, I am happy to have it finally gone.
    Bottom line is I have been trying to get fit and healthy and it either went away or the Blistek has some ingredient that helps - note it is a sun protection one. I tried many non sun protection ones and they have never helped. As I also cycle on the weekend in the sun in Australia thats why I needed the Blistek.
    Note I have never been diagnosed with the problem officially as I have sought to hide it. Hope this helps - my heart goes out to you.

  7. Hi David.
    I have the problem 7 months now and I have tried everything.

    Thy first Butavate ointment once a day for 10 days.
    At the same time, apply Madecassol cream and Dr. Hauschka Labimint Acute Lip Care for as long as you need.

    I have stopped Butavate (i did 2 bursts with an interval of 1 month) and now I use the other 2. I am not cured but I have a normal life.

    My lips look tops, they dont get white with water. They feel 80% as before.


  8. Hi David,
    I developed this condition about a year and a half ago. For a while I just thought I had chapped lips, but then I realized that hydration and chap stick weren't working to fix the problem. This is what finally worked for me:

    -More water
    -Do NOT pick at your lips.
    -Using a cotton bud, spread hydrogen peroxide on lips and let dry completely. This is for the theory that it is a bacterial/fungal infection.
    -After HP dries, use other side of cotton bud to apply a thin layer of hydro cortisone (1%) cream. Allow to dry.
    -Once those are both done I use 100% vitamin e stick as a protective layer.
    -Use Vitamin E stick throughout the day as needed to keep from licking lips.
    -Repeat HP/HC process at night before bed.

    I noticed results within 48 hours, so if it is working you should know quickly.

    Good luck!

  9. Hello all. I have been dealing with EC since the simultaneous breakup of my life partner and business partner. I am sure that stress plays a part...
    I am a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and understand that the Liver processes toxins that are not only organic, but emotional as well. An overload of toxins leads to stagnation and from there an expression of Heat... in our case, it has gone to the lips. After much trial and error, I landed on an herbal formula that works FOR ME... that's not to say it would be effective for everyone with this problem, but it may help a lot.
    I managed to put the EC in remission and then would suspend the herbs and basically forget about it... until overnight (Almost always overnight) my lips would blow up and become very red again...
    Taking the herbs immediately would start to take the inflammation down within hours and the redness would take most of the day to go away. This cycle continues today. As long as I remain faithful to rest, a good diet and no alcohol, I tend to do better.
    Interesting note: I went to Hawaii for 6 weeks to heal my broken heart and did not have one single incident with the EC> Upon return to the stresses of my daily life, my EC returned within 2 weeks. I believe that the combination of the tropical diet, sun, exercise, rest and unhooking from my worries had everything to do with the remission.
    I am happy to offer anyone the herbs if they want to see if they work for them. I would like to know if it is just for me or if it can help others. I have never seen this condition in all my 15+ years of practice, and it has been an enormous challenge to try to treat myself objectively.

  10. David (and other fellow sufferers),

    I literally cried when I found your blog page and began reading. I've been dealing with this for about a year now, and I've visited many dermatologists, allergists, and other doctors. No one seemed to know what was wrong with me. Similar to you, two of the doctors also thought I had herpes virus, so I took Acyclovir for a week. They took blood work from me and I was negative for both type 1 and 2. So now that's out the window. What I've found is that no one pays more attention or no one researches more than we do. We need answers! So we SEARCH. Thank you for posting this blog. You have no idea how much healing it's begun in me just knowing that I'm not alone in this enigma. Your bravery and postings serve as a HUGE source of information, support, and strength. I am humbled by your courage. My most recent 'flare up' has lasted over a month now. It will get slightly better and then something will aggravate my lips and they will blow up. The cycles begins again. I too, like someone else had posted, notice that my lips swell more over night. I wonder if that's true for more than a few of us? I'm still trying to figure out what will help my lips return to normal. I definitely need to change my diet. Beginning exercising again will probably help too. It's just so hard to face the outside world (willingly!) when my lips are swollen or crusted. I'm going to try the beeswax or olive oil lip balm. I've been washing my lips nightly with dishwashing soap (strange I know!). I use Dawn. It keeps my lips dry and also seems to be helping the yellow spots go away. It seems that any type of moisture exacerbates that situation and makes the yellow spots show up in more places. Maybe I'm just not using the right kind, though. I've found i'm allergic to Aquaphor and Blistex because it has Lanolin in it. Apparently, a lot of people can have an aversion to Lanolin. Anyway, I recently sent you a friend request. I'm looking forward to joining the facebook group. Thanks again for your blog. You've been a lifesaver to me in the mental health department.



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