Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Facebook group is up to 68 members (plus some short news)

Just wanted to make a super short update (just to show I am not dead n' gone... wow it has been almost a full year since my last post). 

The facebook group has 68 members at the moment and the wall seem to be alive and kicking with activity.

EC-status: Nothing new really to report. I have made a bunch of new tests (blood, vitamin, allergies), but nothing has shown anything significant or out of the ordinary (my plan is to post some more detailed data on this later).

Lips have been behaving pretty much the same as in the last year (pretty stable, not so much swelling, regular peeling, mostly thin flakes, flaring up occasionally every other month or so for 3-4 days before it becomes more stable again.)

I still use a beeswax lip balm. Other than that I focus on eating healthy, regular exercise, doing stuff that makes me happy, stress management, and getting good quality sleep.

Stay strong people.


  1. What do you think is the most effective way to combat it, then?

  2. is there anyway to see the facebook group without being a member... i havent got facebook.

  3. have you tried lamprene (Clofazimine) taken orally, meant to treat lepracy. i suggest you give it a try

  4. Buddy, Th thik i have found a perfect cure to the problem. Use it strictly for one month and share it with your friends. I am sure if god wills, your ordeal will end right from today.

    Here's the simple cure (sometimes big problems have simple solutions)
    Use honey on your lips before going to night. Make sure the honey is 100% pure with no added ingredients. Make sure you completely cover your lips with a thick layer of honey before going to bed. Use honey in the day, very often.

    And yes, do follow this regimen strictly as well- drink 6 glasses of water empty stomach in the morning. And also drink 4 glasses of water before going to night.

    And one more thing- never be harsh on your lips. Don't lick them. While traveling on a bike, cover your mouth with a handkerchief, as dust particles and over-exposure to sun rays, also prevents the lips from restoring their normal, healed, soft condition.

    And the last step- please exfoliate your lips very-gently after every four days, by applying cotton soaked in lukewarm water on the affected area. Before starting the exfoliation procedure, rub a thick layer of some cream, like vaseline very softy on your lips to let the dead skin come off very softly as you begin the exfoliation procedure.

    Make sure you remove as much dead skin as possible, without causing any injury to your lips. Leave the dead skin sticking very hardly to your lips as it as, as removing it harshly will lead to a wound, thereby aggravating the problem.

    Use this method throughout your life and you have found a magic cure for your problem. Start leading a normal life from today onwards and share this magical treatment with everyone struggling with exfoliate Chelitis.

  5. http://voices.yahoo.com/clown-lips-cure-candida-lips-exfoliativa-cheilitis-4208219.html?com=2&cat=69

    I just tried this tonight and my lips do feel better, so I'm going to keep trying this for a a couple of nights. I read your blog and thought I'd share :) Maybe it'll work for you as well?

  6. My wife had a very serious case os this problem. I am a Licensed Acupuncturist and herbalist and tried everything that I could think of as well as many of the suggestions that I've found at various forums related to clown lips or ulcerative chelitis. After two years, I tested her in depth using a protocol called NAET, which is an extremely successful method of eliminating allergies. It turns out that a least part of her condition was caused by an allergy to baking soda. I say part because it was a combination of things. I would highly recommend you seek out an NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique) practitioner. My wife is now symptom-free.