Sunday, March 18, 2012

Facebook Group member status: 89

Wow, the Facebook Group is up to 89 members. That's pretty awesome. 

As you all know I blog very rarely nowadays, or check my ec-mail inbox – but it do happens! :) I have limit my time I spend on EC to answering friend requests on facebook in order to add new members to the facebook group.

There is much activity on the Facebook Group wall: members post questions, treatment routines, encouragement etc. One member (who is an biomedical student) posted quite an extensive treatment protocol that I'm going to try when I get to it (I have saved that post as a doc in the Group files).

Lips status: nothing new to report. Regular peeling, but very thin flakes. Every once in a while I get a flare up for a week or so. But on the whole pretty the EC is pretty stable. Currently experimenting with paleo-inspired lifestyle (eating-/exercise/sleep habits etc).

Thank you for sending me such warm, honest, brave messages, mails and encouragement. I'll stay in touch every now and then!

Create your own meaningful energizing reason why this is happening to you. Stay strong, lots of energy and love.

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