Saturday, September 12, 2009

Big News! Public Radio will Interview Me

On monday september 14 a journalist from the swedish public radio show Kropp & Själ ("Body & Soul") will visit me and do an interview (not live). The report will mainly be about my blogging and the use of other social media to bring awareness about exfoliative cheilitis (and probably also about "disease blogging" as a concept). Note that this is not a guarantee that the interview will ever air, but hopefully it will :)

Earlier this summer I emailed the editorial staff of the show and told them about my story along with a link to my blog. I wrote about this in the post Let Us Create Media Attention - Why and How on the Curezone forum.

My goals for the interview (so far):

* to explain my symptoms and get the name exfoliative cheilitis heard
* bring attention to the lack of research
* call out to fellow sufferers, doctors and researchers that have/or want more experience with exfoliative cheilitis and want to help

Do you have any more ideas on how to make the most of this interview? Contact me!


  1. Hi David,

    How did it go?


  2. It went quite well, the show aired a couple of days ago. I'll write a post about it as soon I have the time.