Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kropp & Själ Radio Interview

Here is the Kropp & Själ radio interview with me about my exfoliative cheilitis and why I choose to blog about it (only in swedish).

The theme of the program is "illness blogs", and besides the interview with me, it features a discussion with a researcher and a medical doctor (and a few other people) about these kinds of blogs - who do it, why and what value it has. (Note that exfoliative cheilitis is not discussed).

I am happy with how it all turned out, and I'm glad I followed through with this when I first got the idea a couple of months ago - my goal was to have "exfoliative cheilitis" said on public radio, and the explaining of the symptoms, and I succeeded with both. Hopefully this will help other people in the same situation to find out more about their condition, and maybe it will lead to something positive for all of us in the EC community.

So far the episode has generated a couple of supporting emails, some random tips and theories from mostly anonymous persons, some treatment offers from alternative therapists and one psychologist (I will post more about this if I go through with any of them). Not to forget a major boost in traffic to my blog (since the Kropp & Själ staff was kind enough to link to my blog on their site).

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