Sunday, December 6, 2009

Facebook Group Goes Secret

As an experiment to attract more members to the Exfoliative Chelitis Facebook Group I have now made it secret. This means it will not show up on your profile information page. I discussed the pros and cons of a secret group in this thread.

Purpose of the Group
The main purpose of the group is not necessarily to chat but to get an idea of how many of us there are in the world - right now - dealing with Exfoliative Cheilitis. Are we 25? 250? More? This is impossible to estimate using the Curezone forum where people come and go all the time, but it would be very easy using FB - we would actually get a number. This is the most important purpose of the group.

How to join?
Send a friend request with a message to my Facebook Profile and I'll send an invitation back to you. Due to Facebook's configuration I can only invite you if you are on my list of friends.

Right now there are eight brave members in the group from at least four different countries. But there is room for more - so come on people, join! :)

Update January 3 2010
To make the group secret was apparently a wise choice: The group is now up to 13 members. Thank you everybody!

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