Sunday, December 6, 2009

Protopic 0,03% Trial - Day 1-25 Summary

About three weeks ago I started a Protopic 0.03% (topical tacrolimus) treatment prescribed by my doctor. I have been rubbing a thin layer of cream on the affected areas of my lips twice a day (in morning and before going to bed).

Have it helped?
I have not noticed any significant improvement so far. The only thing I have noticed is that the skin underneath the peeling skin might be less raw than before.

Side effects?
I was very hesitant to try Protopic as I wrote in this post. Luckily enough I have not been noticing any of the scary side effects (not even the very common burning sensation). On day 3 my lip felt slightly numb though, and on day 5 I felt a ticklish sensation on my lip when touching it with a cotton swap. Other than that, nothing.

Current peeling cycle
My current peeling cycle looks like this: the skin builds up like before over the course of 1-3 days. On the forth day I can usually peel everything off without too much force. On day 5 and 6 my lips look their best. Day 7 it all starts over again. Sometimes this cycle differ a little.

I have not got any treatment time limit so I will have to book a phone meeting with my doctor and ask. Until then I will continue using Protopic.

Decent day.

Not so good day.

Good day.


  1. i had this exact same problem. i went to 7 different doctors for it and none of them could help me. they prescribed me so many different creams and pills but none worked. i decided to just deal with it. what i did was in the morning i would put regular petroleum jelly thick on my lips and let sit for like 20 minutes then wipe all the skin off. i did that same thing at night before going to bed. after almost 8 maybe 9 months it went away. i had this chelitis for 2 and a half years and it just went away on its own, along with me using the petroleum jelly.

    try this and maybe it will help because i know exactly what your going through, and ill tell you this doctors wont help you.

  2. please tell me if you rid of the cheilitis and how.