Sunday, January 3, 2010

Protopic 0,03% Trial - Day 39 Postmortem

This is the summary of my trial with Protopic 0.03%. I have been using it two times a day for 39 days.

Have it helped?
I have not noticed any significant improvement. In the beginning I experienced that the skin underneath the flakes was less raw than before, but now I'm not sure that was due to any effect of the Protopic (during this trial the skin's "rawness" have varied from peel to peel).

Side Effects?
I have not noticed any side effects during this trial, except for a slight numbness and a tingling feeling on two different occasions the first week. Possible also that the lower border on the lower lip have been a little more red than it was before.

The Next Step
After a phone conversation with my doctor I am currently doing a three week trial with Protopic 0.1%. Read more about that in the Protopic Trial - Round 2 post.

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