Sunday, January 3, 2010

Protopic Trial- Round 2

I had a phone conversation with my doctor on 21 december last year and since I had no results with Protopic 0,03% she decided I should boost the percentage: I am now doing a three week trial with Protopic 0,1%. I apply a thin layer of cream on the affected areas on my lips two times a day (mornings and before going to bed).

Day 1-14 Summary
So far nothing have happened, either good or bad. No improvement, no side effects. The cream feels like vaseline/petroleum jelly on my lips. I'm still eating 500 mg Valtrex per day, so maybe that is countering some of the known side effects (like various forms of herpes simplex viruses).

My peeling cycle is pretty much the same as stated in the Protopic 0,03% Trial post.

One more week to go.

PS. I hope you all had a great holiday and New Year!


  1. I have not tried it, maybe something for future trials.

  2. I am so happy to have found your blog. Thank you for doing this!
    I have searched for so long to find pictures that show what my lips look like.. and a name for this condition after years of no help from the Drs. I will be emailing you. Thank you so much! Please do not stop blogging.

  3. any improvement?

  4. hei david,,,, i have the same problem as you do,,, so your lips healed? if healed.let me know,, what should i buy?? thank u very much..

  5. Hi, I have had EC for a few years, never knew what it was. My peeling cycle was every 2 days. Terrible. Just started using Protopic 0.1%. My DR told me to keep applying every time my lips feel dry. Pretty much constantly. You can never let them feel dry. Well, happy to say, with diligence I followed her instructions. Lots of weird tingling the first few days. Now my cycle is past 4 days since using this for 1 week. No sign of peeling yet. After this, I hope to get off Protopic, and just use an organic solution, and drink lots of water. I find fresh fruits help a lot.

  6. Hello I have the same Problem since November last year, how is your improvement now?

    1. Hi there, you can read about my current lip status in this post:

      All the best!